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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  October 1, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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us. >> never one to complain about anything. never one to ask for help but he'd be the first in line to do this for somebody else. it got to be the point that there was so many people showing up they had to tell people we have enough. >> had to turn people away. normally it takes a week to clear the acres. they got it done in 10 hours. carl is so proud. he says thank you. >> time now for newsroom. >> good morning guys. good news every day to bring our show. have a good one. newsroom begins right now. good morning everyone. i'm poppy harlow in for carol costello. thank you for joining me. you see it behind my shoulders and it is quite a storm brewing. joaquin strengthening over night. right now the storm is bearing down on the bahamas winds
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topping 120 miles per hour. in its path? the east coast. record rain from a different system flooding cities from massachusetts to maine. joaquin threatening to weaken -- not weaken, wreak even more havoc in the same towns. huge surf already slamming the shores, growing fears this morning that joaquin could be the next sandy. red cross workers in pennsylvania packing emergency bags like these, handing them out to people who are in the path of the storm. farther south they are moving sand and lots of it. chad myers joining us with the latest on the storm. for someone who went through sandy likef us here on the east coast to even bring that up is terrifying. >> and this storm will get to be a category 4 hurricane today. it will have the momentum that sandy had. but will it have the turning current to make it turn back to the left like sandy did back into the new england states and
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obviously into new york and new jersey? there is the eye of this joaquin right now. it will travel down into the bahamas and spend almost an entire day doing a lot of damage down here. 140 miles per hour storm. then where? is it like the european model? like most u.s. models or that way which they were doing yesterday back into the east coast of the united states? it is a wobbly storm. wiggling and wobbling around. 140 miles per hour in the bahamas. but i took the middle off. i took the center off and -- just because i want you to see how big of a problem it is when you are talking about left to right or east to west. it could be in west virginia. it could be halfway to bermuda because the models can't decide. the models are made by man. so they are not perfect. this model here think about soup. this has too much salt. this has too much pepper. somewhere in between is a
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perfect kplings combination of what the storm will do. whether there is land fall or not. i will make 5-10, maybe 15 inches of rainfall and cause flooding. trees will blow down even with a 40 miles per hour wind. this is a flood maker even if the eye doesn't hit. >> thank you. i do want to turn now to the rising tension between washington and moscow and confirmation that russia has carried out a second straight day of air strikes in syria. they are taking a look at new video we got overnight of more of those bombs. at the heart of the concern though, doubts, doubts that russia is actually targeting fighters as it claims. claims they are striking the u.s. backed rebels who are trying to oust assad. the questions enough to prompt a face-to-face meeting between rs washington and russia top diplomats. the mood is increasingly volatile. minutes ago we heard from
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arizona senator john mccain, barely containing his anger. >> i can absolutely confirm to you that they were strikes against our free syrian army, or groups that have been armed and trained by the cia. because we have communications with people there. well the first thing we do is we say to the russians, we are going to fly anywhere we want to. and you better stay the hell out of way. the second thing we do is we consider syrian sanctions. third of all we develop a strategy pretty much outlined by general david petraeus before the armed services committee a couple of weeks. to turn the tide. the slaughter continues and now we have the russians playing a major role. >> i do want to begin coverage with arwood.
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just moments ago a press conference, what is key here? >> he's basically justifying russia's actions in syria. these are actions that according to both russia and syria governments came at the request directly of bashar al assad themselves. according to ambassador to russia he was very quick to say the media is always --. russia is leading a regional movement to combat the islamic state. now a lot of this poppy is really a play on words and definitions. from the perspective of both the assad regime and the ruxs all of these variation different rebel factions are considered to be terrorists and therefore if their perspective legitimate targets along with of course isis in and of itself. the other issue though is looking at exactly where these russian air strikes have been
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taking place. they have been hitting in many instances areas that were already being bombarded by the assad regime. areas where isis is not known to have a significant if any presence at all. and the rim effect from all of these has caused a lot of concern because the way they look at it, assad now has a very powerful ally in russia that is taking direct actions on the ground that are going to have immediate impact on the battlefield dynamics. allow assad troops to move in and regain territory. whereas america that is meant to be the so called moderate oppositions ally really is not doing anything to significantly counter this. a lot of people watch vrg closely to see what america and the coalition is going to do to try to weaken assad's hand. if it continues as is without any counter move to russia's actions against these various different rebel factions the
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battlefield dynamic, according to many is going to sway in favor of assad. and isis is not going to be weakened in this process, poppy. >> thank you very much. cnn also learning the secretary of state kerry will meet with other members of the u.s. led coalition that oppose the assad regime. that will be the third such meeting this week along. it goes to the severity of the situation. what is the latest on that meeting? >> that meeting is expected to happen. that is the political track, if you will, on the situation in syria. the military track however might get a little bit complicated today. it is now expected that the u.s. and the russian military will have some sort of meeting today by video teleconference to discuss this whole thing that we've been talking about, deconfliction. how to keep u.s. and russian pilots apart in the skies. how to share information so they both know where they are operating. how to avoid any disaster.
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from the u.s. military point of view, u.s. pilots have a lot of classified technology. when they are up there in the skies, they have a very good sense through radar and other surveillance means of knowing what aircraft are up there and being able to basically stay away from them. but the u.s., make no mistake, not happy about whether the russians did yesterday, giving one hour notice that they were going to start air strikes. basically knocking on the door of the u.s. embassy in baghdad saying here we are. get your planes out of the sky. not the way military relations between countries are conducted in this day and age. so a very unhappy pentagon wanting to sit down with the russians today to sort out the military side of this. and underscoring all of that, defense secretary ash carter saying the russians are simply propping up assad with these type of air strikes. he calls it pouring gasoline on the fire. >> he does barbara. he also says the result of this kind of action will be
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inevitably simply to inflame the civil war in syria. that is what he says. but it seems there are conflicting messages from washington. then josh earnest comes in and says i think russians have made clear they are not interested in provoking a the conflict. are you seeing some of this messaging confusing? >> well, whatever top official talks in washington usually reflects a combination of reality and politics doesn't it. the white house clearly does not want to inflame the situation with the russians. they have known about the russian military build up. they have watched it very carefully. none of this is a surprise, in fact to the white house, or the intelligence community. they saw this coming. they knew the russians were going to launch strikes. perhaps not on one hour notice but they knew. so the white house, the state department very publicly focused on that diplomatic track to get the russians convinced there has to be a political transition out
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of assad. i would say at the pentagon you have military officials very much embracing that. but perhaps a little more striden't because of what the russianed did yesterday. this is a military move by the russians that the u.s. hasn't seen in decades. and it did not go over well with top military leaders. >> barbara starr live at the pentagon. thank you. and as u.s. casts doubt of republican targets -- >> i would argue our fight is in iraq, not in syria. i don't think we have good options in syria. i have no problem with the russians protecting their security interest. vladomir put season acting very rationally. >> if i were to see assad walk down the street i wouldn't feed him. he's an evil man who has gassed his people and is at least partly if not mostly responsible for this.
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>> they don't respect our president and us anymore. that is why they are doing this. at the same time if they want to hit isis that's okay with me. i'm not going to be saying we have to do it all. >> rival marco rubio also weighing in. joining us to talk about this -- thank you for being with me. what is your reaction when you hear rick santorum, a man who wants to be in the white house say putin is acting rationally on syria and then hear donald trump saying the u.s. should not be the policemen of the world. what is your take on what those two said? >> i think they need to look at the situation a little more clearly. putin might be acting rationally. but he's acting rationally in his own country's interest. he's playing a the very dplis us to game saying he's going to
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target isis and targeting moderate groups which are a danger to assad. they think the world will then support assad and keep him in power. and for candidates to say well, let the russians fight isis it doesn't have any impact on us. they haven't looked at the situation very clearly. because clearly russia's interest is assad. not necessarily in destroying isis. >> let me ask you something about the military strategy. what you do as the coalition force when you have russia now carrying out two straight days of air sfriex. how do you coordinate at the tactical level with the russians with whom we've had no experience at all? just about coordinating efforts. if you take russia with its best intentions -- right, if you assume the best out of it, how do you coordinate strategically?
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>> i think what you would are have to do is put russian officers and communications inside the u.s. operations center that is in charge of the air campaign over syria and iraq. this will give the russians however a very inside look at what's going on in our campaign against isis. and then they would have to be transparent about what they were bombing as well. that is why i don't think it will happen because i don't think the russians want us to know where they are bombing. because then we could say hey there is no isis there, why are you bombing there and and i would would raise a host of strategic questions they are not interested in answer zwlg when you talk about defeating isis it is more than a one pronged strategy. it's two pronged in syria and iraq. we heard iraqi prime minister come out today and say quote these air strikes are beneficial and he would welcome them in iraq, the russian air strikes. will we see that? or do you believe russia's strategy will be solely focused on syria clearly because they
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are in support of assad? >> i think it would be a reach for russia to target isis forces in iraq. they don't have good intelligence there. there is plenty of u.s. air power that can be applied there. and again, russia's interest here is in propping up bashar al assad and not necessarily in destroying isis. i think hater al-abadi is welcoming anybody there. they are in a serious fight and need all the help they can get. >> still to come here critics were concerned about hillary clinton's private e-mails being hacked. new information show they had every reason to worry. next.
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breaking news just into us
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here at cnn. the director of the secret service apologizing this morning to congressman jason chaffetz. new report says the top official suggested leaking details of the utah republican's unsuccessful application to join the secret service back in 2003. chaffetz is a long time critic of the agency. joined from washington with more. not often we hear a direct apology like this, jim. >> not often but the allegations are pretty severe. and so director joe clansy of the u.s. secret service is putting out this statement apologizing to the house oversight committee jason chaffetz after one of its top officials apparently tried to leak information about chaffetz to the press. right here, it says very clearly information he might find embarrassing. this is from a u.s. secret service official ed lowry.
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says some information you might find embarrassing needs to get out and he's talk about the jason chaffetz. now the director of the secret service as you mentioned is putting o autostatement apologizing. i don't know if we have that to put up but i can read part to you. the secret service takes employee misconduct very seriously and as i've stated before, any employee, regardless of rank or seniority who has committed misconduct will be held accountable. i will ensure the appropriate disciplinary actions are taken. i again apologize to representative chaffetz for this wholly avoidable and embarrassing misconduct. and, you know, this is essentially the director of the secret service admitting that one of his top officials was engaged in an embarrassing misconduct. and as, you know, poppy, this bombs on the heels of a slew of embarrassing episodes for the secret service. including that fence-jumping
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incident last fall. it goes on the to say essentially that no disciplinary action has been taken at this point. ed lowry has not been removed from his position, according to what the secret service is sighing right now. but it does sort of foreshadow that that process has begun. and we should point out poppy, it was just on tuesday afternoon when president obama after his trip to the united nations came over to the press after he got off marine one on the south lawn of the white house. he almost never does this. but he came over to reporters and told reporters how happy he was with the secret service after what he called a flawless performance during the pope and his visit last week, during the visit of the chinese president xi jinping and then the anniversary of the united nations up in new york. so the president of the united states was feeling very good about approximate performance of the secret service. and then this damaging report and the apology from the director. not a good day for the secret
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service. >> and especially following such a great performance with the pope's visit here. thank you very much. joe biden may be sitting out the cnn debate, that is the one on october 13th. but that does not mean that he is out of the race for the white house entirely. of course he hasn't even said if he's in or not. in fact the discussion could be weeks away. let's go straight to senior washington correspondent joe johns with a big "new york times" article this morning showing hillary clinton's camp a little more nervous about biden. >> that's right. vice president joe biden has extended his window for deciding whether to jump into the 2016 presidential campaign. several democrats are saying this. allowing the contest to play out even longer before he answers one of the biggest questions hanging over the race for the whie white house. biden apparently not preparing for the first democratic debate on october 13th in las vegas. not expected to participate. people close to him say because he feels no pressure to reach a
6:23 am
decision by then. he's likely to reveal his plans in the second half of october. he has suggested publicly he may very well not run. and some familiar with his deliberations say they believe he's leaning against getting into the race. he stopped short of asking his advisors to pull the trigger on any of their plans in waiting including setting up the legal structure to take the steps to qualify for ballots in michigan and other states for deadlines. there are far more talk than action. biden has said he would only run if he was certain he had a path to victory. several democrats who have spoken to him say a hurdle that he increasingly believes is within reach but he's still unsure whether he is and his family are ready for the campaigns's emotional toll the democrats say has been the chief benchmark for running. >> you have to think about fund
6:24 am
ragz. the latest numbers in. bernie sanders edging closer to hillary clinton. the longer he waits, is there a money concern? >> there is absolutely a money concern. people are writing checks. they have been writing checks for quite a while. and somewhat getting locked in. that said there are some people -- and i've talked to them on the campaign trail myself -- who are trying to keep their powder try to see whether joe biden was getting in. but as these days pass at some point you have to go ahead and hitch yourself to a horse. >> good way to put it. joe johns, thank you. >> the other big story come oufgt washington this morning. hillary clinton fighting back after house republican kevin mccarthy a potential candidate for speaker of the house a position third in line to the presidency seemingly admitted that the benghazi investigation was at least in part a partisan attack on her record. clinton said this to msnbc. >> when i hear a statement like that, which demonstrates
6:25 am
unequivocable that this was always meant to be a partisan political exercise. >> here is what she's talking about. earlier in an interview with fox news mccarthy appeared to link the benghazi panel and investigation to clinton's falling poll numbers. >> everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? but we put together a benghazi special committee, a select committee. what are her numbers today? her numbers are dropping. why? because she's untrustable. but no one would have no one any of that had happened had we not fought and made that happen. >> well mccarthy has been taken to task for those comments. even by members of his own
6:26 am
party. chaffetz said yesterday he thinks mccarthy should apologize. more concerns over the private e-mail server. we are now finding out there may have been fishing attempt by hackers on her e-mail along with so many others. so not necessarily a direct focus on her e-mail. opening the attachment would have allowed hackers to take control of the victim's computer. the e-mails were part of a wide spread fishing effort. this is back in 2011. i do want to say there is no indication clinton ever clicked on the link or fell for the hoax. still to come. millions and millions of you are bracing for hurricane joaquin. this as it strengthens overnight. where is it heading? we'll tell you. stay with us [announcer] you're on the right track to save big
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good morning everyone. i'm poppy harlow in for carol costello. now to hurricane joaquin, strengthening overnight to category 3. see it there whipping up speed, winds faster than 120 miles per hour right now near the bahamas. this morning millions on the east coast worrying joaquin could hit as hard as sandy. huge sand walls already in place. tad meyers on top of all of it. sandy's strength? really? >> well here is the deal. i can't put to rest the fact that it can't happen that way. because it is still a possibility. new york city is still within the cone. atlantic city is still within the cone, poppy. but let's me get to the models and aisle show you what sandy did and how this is similarly changes. sandy was a major hurricane. this is a major hurricane.
6:32 am
this is going to be 140 miles per hour later today. it is 120 right now. saw a couple of gusts of 125, stim getting stronger. going to spend time do you know here and turn up here and go something like that we hope and miss everything. but not much of a turn back to the left, like some of models are indicating. that would be much of a stretch to turn it back to the left because the jet stream is doing something like that. so if it turned back into the jet stream or got caught in the jet stream it could do that. look at the how many of the models are out here. so there is probably 50/50 chance or less it makes land fall in the u.s. but that is still very close. i'd give it 45 if not 50. so i'm note taking it out of the question. it is a big storm. getting bigger. it is in warm water. 140 miles per hour tearing up the bahamas later today and tomorrow. i took the line out of middle. look at the error possibility. how big is the error?
6:33 am
it could be in elizabeth city, north carolina. almost durham or almost halfway to the bahamas. we'll see what the hurricane center does. they will adjust the forecast track at 11:00. they do it 5:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m., 5:00 p.m., 11:00 p.m. what we know is that this is going to be a flood maker, whether it makes land fall or not. because there will be places with ten inches of rain in the carolinas, maybe through virginia and that will cause flooding because it is already saturated. >> i specially down by charlotte. ten inches plus, wow. top stories this morning. in a stunning move, an oklahoma inmate is being spared the death penalty for now at least. oklahoma governor granting a stay of execution for richt glos p. he revealed they did not have
6:34 am
the specific drugs for lethal injection that were necessary. >> they did what they should have done. attorney general was thinking it through. called me and made me aware. one of the things we do in our state is go through the execution process and it is a very, very serious matter for the state that none of us take lightly. >> glossip was convicted nearly 17 years ago of hiring a hit man to murder a hotel owner. his execution is now set for november 6th. israeli prime minister netanyahu is set to address the united nations today. his major talking point will be iran. and ha vas. he accuse of the israeli's leaders of undermining u.s. peace efforts. still to come. new russian air strikes in syria today. two consecutive days of air strikes. moscow says look, we are targeting isis.
6:35 am
but is that really their sole intention? our next guest says russia is helping the assad regime brutalize the syrian people. stay with many. me.
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despite what moscow is saying many are questioning russia's end game. the fear is russia is instead targeting the rebel groups fighting against assad and not the isis. let's listen to what john
6:40 am
mcca mccain. >> i can absolutely confirm to you they were strikes against the free syrian army or groups that have been armed and trained by the cia because we have communications with people there. >> joining me to talk about all of this is democratic senator bob casey of pennsylvania. he says russia is now participating in the direct brutality of the assad regime. thanks for being with me. i you wrote the russia federation is no locker just protecting athe assad regime bu directly participating. the choice to destroy homes by the barrel bombing campaign crickets russia's games to be assisting with the fight against isis. you say that your colleague on the other side of the aisle john mccain we heard what yes just said. what does the united states do as a result? >> the first thing we have do do
6:41 am
is be very clear with the russian federation that we are not going to tolerate this kind of activity where it's clear. i think all of the evidence, the reporting that's been done the last 24 hours indicates they are targeting rebel controlled areas or at least close. >> how do you do? say we're not going to tolerate. is that phone calls between the president and putin? >> that is why secretary kerry is engaged with lavrov right now. so in that level there has to be direct engagement. that's already started. good. secondly there has to be military to military engagement oj this to make it very clear. and if the russians don't back off on this then we've got a much bigger problem. i think the first thing we've got to do is keep the engagement. secondly and almost on a parallel track we've got to be very clear what our objectives are. meaning we've got to be very
6:42 am
clear in terms of pushing for a the negotiated in. pushing countries in the region to contribute mer. we've done a lot more. 4.5 billion dollars of american taxpayer dollars. so we've got to get others to participate. and thirdly we've got to be very clear not only to the russians but other members of the u.n. security council that we're going to enforce those u.n. security council resolution as they apply to syria. >> you said essentially if russia doesn't stop this, we have a serious problem. history teaches us a lot. and what history shows is that vladimir putin wouldn't you agree isn't likely to just pull back and say okay. never mind. >> well we'll know in a couple of days whether or not we've made progress with this engagement. but one thing you have to be careful of i think in washington is you have a lot of people that will talk tough about how to deal with russia. and then when you ask them what they specifically should do, there is not a lot of answers. the first thing do is to have the two foreign ministers, our
6:43 am
secretary of state and their foreign minister engage. and then have the military engagement and then see where things are. this is going to be almost a day-to-day evaluation. but a part from the russian engagement, we've got to have a specific strategy that is articulated and communicated on a regular basis. and i think there's been a void there. >> well, and we're seeing lavrov and kerry sent to meet today at 11:00 a.m. a little over an hour's time. you senator called on assad to go back in 2011. you spent a lot of time in the region. met with refugees. secretary kerry has said and agreed all along assad must go. but now he's saying in an orderly transition. it can't be an oust right away or everything falls apart. what do you make of that approach? seems to be a change in u.s. stance. >> that is why when i said a negotiated resolution of this i mean we've got -- we do have to have a process. i don't think this can happen too quickly.
6:44 am
that is why it's critically important that we're engaging not only with the russians on this limited but critical military question. we've got to engage with the russians as well as countries in the region to have an a negotiated settlement. i don't know necessarily what that looks like at the end of the road. but what hasn't happened, is there hasn't been enough in the way of pushing and probing as to whether or not we can get to that end game. but having assad many in place over time is going to foster not just more opposition within syria, but his very presence there barrel bombing his people over and over again, killing children over and over again for years. that is driving the threat posed by isis. so the two are related even though we're on the same page with the russians on the battle against isis. we've got to deal with the syrian problem as well. >> senator bob casey, thank you
6:45 am
very much. >> thank you. >> still to come, donald trump says if he gets elected president, syrian refugees coming to the united states are quote out. will the voters get behind his policy on that? next. when broker chris hill stays at laquinta and fires up free wi-fi, with a network that's now up to 5 times faster than before you know what he can do? let's see if he's ready. he can swim with the sharks! book your next stay at!
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all connected to public transit, and generate $25 million a year in revenue for san francisco. vote yes on d to turn this into this. ♪ now i hear we want to take in 200,000 syrians. right? and they could be -- listen, they could be isis. i don't know. did you ever see migration like that? they are all men. and they are all strong-looking guys. >> donald trump saying he is suspicious of the flood of
6:50 am
refugees escaping violence across syria and the mideast and he's got a message for any syrian who makes it to the united states. get ready to get out. take a listen to what he told our don lemon last night. >> i'm just telling you right now. they may come in through the weakness of obama. but they are going out if i become president. they will not stay here. they are going back to syria whether it is safe zones or whatever. but they are going back to syria. >> let's talk about all of this. we are joined now by republican strategist and columnist at the sun sentinel. along with cnn contribute and editor of the daily beast. he made it very clear. mincing no words. he rarely does about this. do you think this is a domestic policy that will help rally the votes he needs? >> well let's face it. donald trump is very outspoken. but, you know, then again he's not really a loon when it comes to this issue. was a a lot of americans, a lot
6:51 am
of people are leery about some of these people coming over. maybe some of them don't have the best intention. >> how do we know a lot of miles per hours are le-- lot of ameri are leery? >> if you look at what trump says like it or not he's still if he had made this statement and a lot of people didn't agree with it, you would see him plummeting in the polls, in my opinion. i think right now what you're seeing is a lot of people are leery. plus, we have a lot of problems at home. we have a lot of things that need taken care of on the homeland. maybe if donald trump had said these people need to be detained so we can do thorough, thorough background checks to make sure they're free and clear before their dispersed through the communities, maybe that would have been better than just a no
6:52 am
holds bar. >> i haven't seen any polling of the american people about how they feel in the refugees and an increase coming into the united states. we don't have any updated polls from after the comments he made about them last night, but what do you make of it? >> look, it's fear-mongering, goes against the best american traditions. for those folks who say they want a smaller government physician so farricly, t philos practical matter is if you look at the refugees they are evenly divided between men and women. 51% are children. you know, words have meaning. before you just sort of say that this is striking a chord with the american people, think of
6:53 am
the practical implications. >> jeb bush responded to what trump said yesterday. he said, we have a noble tradition of taking kafr refugees. we've done is since the beginning of time. i think we need to maintain that. he went on to say, but send them all back to a hell hole. do you agree with jeb bush's assessment more than donald trump, or vice versa? >> i love jeb bush. i think jeb bush is a reasonable candidate. what you have in donald trump, he's a great business person but he says exactly what he wants to say, whether he researches his facts or not. so, i like what jeb bush has to say, but i impp nothing less from jeb bush than what he said. what he said was very reasonable. and i do agree with jeb bush and a lot of people agree with jeb bush. you have to look at donald trump and he's still resonating among a lot of gop voters.
6:54 am
>> john, let's talk about the poll, donald trump leading, behind him carson and fiorina. >> trump has a core basis support, around the republican party. if jeb bush is so reasonable and doing badly in the polls and trump is unreasonable and doing a quarter, what's the problem with the base of the republican party? i'm sure noelle and other conservatives wouldn't want to send, for example, other people back to the soviet union, so it's about strengthening the civic backbone of the republican party and saying words have meaning and you're going to rally around those with the best traditions not our worst fears. >> important discussion. thank you. still to come here, several of mexico's cartel bosses being extradited to the united states. we're going to talk about why this is such a significant move in terms of the two countries collaborating in the war on drugs.
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some of mexico's most dangerous kingpins have been extradited and are in the united states this morning. some henchmen and trafficker, 13 cartel lords were sought here to face charges coming on the heel of the july escape of the world's most powerful drug lord, el chapo. this is big, evan. >> that's right. murder, cocaine, murder, drug trafficking, rape. some of the charges these 13 mean. edgar valdez, known as la barbie and he grew up in texas playing high school football.
7:00 am
the d.a. considers him ruthless. kingry is also an american, he allegedly confessed to the atf he ran a factory in mexico making drugs and explosiontives for the cartel. also sanchez, former leader of the gulf cartel. yesterday was a big day for law enforcement because they've been trying to get these guys in u.s. to face justice for some time. >> we saw what happened when el chapo was not extradited, he escaped. evan perez, thank you. good morning, i'm poppy harlow. i'm in for carol costello. we start with hurricane joaquin strengthening into a category 3 storm, bearing down on the baham bahamas.
7:01 am
winds topping 120 miles an hour. huge surf slamming the shores. fears joaquin could be the next sandy. record rain from a different city flooding cities from massachusetts to maine. red cross workers in pennsylvania packing emergency bags, like these, handing them out. chad myers on top of it all for us in the severe weather center. it is scary to think of anything that is being compared to sandy. >> and this is getting stronger and stronger every hour, poppy. that's what sandy did. sandy was a major hurricane south of where it made landfall. and then ran up the east coast and turned left right toward atlantic city. this now, i believe this is a category 4 hurricane. i can find the eye right there. it's very small. the pressure's down to what we call 938 milibars. we know that because an airplane is flying through it. i wouldn't want to be on this airplane. don't know how the men and women do it. that is a bumpy ride, for sure. it's going to go to 140 later on
7:02 am
today or tomorrow anyway. i think it's probably already there at this point. it turns to the right. it turns to the north. it misses florida. how far away from the coast will it be if it turns to the left back towards the u.s.? this is where the sandy scenario comes from. i want you to understand the distance for the possibility from all the way to the left into west virginia and dying as a rain-maker out halfway to bermuda. that's the air in the model right now. there are many models. we thought they would get better overnight. they almost spread out. it looks like confetti, spaghetti. looks like something you shoot out of a can on new year's eve. we don't like this model. we get a new model run at 8:00. the computers are running now. we'll get a better idea around the 11:00 hour. what we know, whether this storm
7:03 am
hits landfall or not, there will be flooding in carolinas, virginia, maybe georgia. if it makes landfall in this saturated ground, we'll have trees falling inland for hundreds of miles. roots saturated, it's just mud. we certainly don't want anything like sandy. it's not out of the question. i just want you to know there are so many other scenarios other than sandy. >> let's hope they are better scenarios. chad myers, thank you as always. you want to turn to the rising tension between washington and moscow. confirmation russia carried out a second straight day of air strikes in syria. we got new video in of some bombings. at the heart. concern, washington says there are evidence warplanes are striking u.s.-backed rebels trying to oust ba shash al assad, who russia supports.
7:04 am
the concern is face enough to prompt a face-to-face meeting. this morning republican senator john mccain angrily disputed that. >> i can absolutely confirm to you that they were strikes against our free syrian army or groups that have been armed and trained by the cia because we have communications with people there. >> barbara starr tracking it from the pentagon. good morning. john mccain says, i can absolutely confirm to you because of, you know, our intelligence. is that what the pentagon's saying? >> well, they're not disputing it. i have to tell you that. monitoring all these reports coming out of the region from these various groups that their people have been struck, their areas have been struck. a number ofs ive yan casualties. a lot of concern at the pentagon
7:05 am
because basically the geography at syria is pretty simple. in the west where the russians are bombing, these are not known strongholds for isis, none in western syria where you see the russian strikes. these are strongholds, if you will, of the anti-regime forces. so, if the russians are striking this area, they are attacking the very forces trying to oust assad so they have the impact of boosting assad, propping him up, keeping him in power, which the u.s. does not want to see. isis is not here in these areas. isis is in the north and east of syria and that's where most of the u.s. strikes are happening. poppy? >> barbara, when you talk about where the u.s. strikes are happening and where these russian strikes are happening, is there a plan to be more coordinated now that you've got different faxes, different coalitions striking?
7:06 am
>> i think that's a key question even today as we talk about this. the indications are from the defense department that they will have a meeting with the russians later today. military to military. it will probably happen by video teleconference because they're not going to be able to meet in person. after yesterday they want tos fast-track it, sit down with the russian military get an idea of what they're doing. how do you communicate? how do you share information? at the moment, isis in the north and east of syria, but they need to know if the russians plan to move out into those areas. the u.s. pilots have a pretty good capability through their technology to know who's in the sky and be able to stay away from them. nobody wants to leave this to accident or chance. they to want have these procedures established. >>. >> barbara starr reporting for us live at the pentagon. thank you very much.
7:07 am
let's talk more about this now with senior fellow at washington institute, andrew tabler. thank you for being here. >> my pleasure. >> you are also the offer of the book "in the lion's den," you were editor of syria today, an english language magazine for more than ten years. you have this unique perspective on bashar al assad. your take on his mentality as russia begins these strikes? >> i know, i think assad is breathing a sigh of relief. the russians have come to his assistance. earlier,ite ran yans and a lot of iraqi and shia militias enough. you're probably not sleeping well. you only control 20% of the country. there seems to be a game plan with russians to push the rebels back but a victory over all of syrian territory is -- i just
7:08 am
don't think in in the cards perform. >> secretary of state kerry on tuesday, before the air strikes said, look, putin in syria is an opportunity for the united states. >> if he is going to side with assad and with iran and hezbollah, he'll have a serious problem with the sunni countries in the region, that means he could be a target for sunni jihad jihadis, so this is complicated. >> your assessment of what the secretary of state said there. >> i think it was a bad call. the events of the last 24 to 48 hours have shown that actually they are intervening on behalf of the assad regime and iranians and the problem is not just you're picking a fight with majority sunni population and countries in the region as a whole, but syria is a majority syrian country and you just
7:09 am
stoked a sectarian war in syria that has been taking place for years. you make it worse. i think this is not an opportunity. i think the russians have been telegraphing this plan overall to us for years. unfortunately, secretary kerry spent most of his time negotiating with lavrov to get -- >> how should he engage with lavrov? >> i think the most important thing is to talk to them about an end state in syria and do they see a viable alternative to assad and getting a transition in the country. and unless you have that conversation, there's no way to square -- when assad only controls 20% of his country with all of that help, with all of the chemical weapons, with all of the scud missiles, in the end that's not something sustainable. we should not be picking a fight with the majority sunni
7:10 am
population in the middle east. we have a hard enough time already. we don't need to hand them over to the iranians and russians. >> final question, you heard putin said in his interview with charlie rose on "60 minutes ". he said, yes, this is the legitimate leadership. it doesn't sound like from what putin said, he or lavrov are in that state of mind yet. >> they said they're legally intervening on behalf of assad. but if you use the same logic in ukraine, then russian intervention is illegal. they say in ukraine it's coup. it's circular logic. just suiting their interest. the u.s. needs a game plan to turn them back, check it or admit we don't have any game in this and give up. i think the white house is in a real bind and we need hard-nose diplomacy out of kerry and we're waiting to see what comes out of that meeting. so far it's not gone well.
7:11 am
>> a lot of tough diplomacy ahead. still to come, the question many of you are asking, will joe biden run? why the vice president is certainly not rushing to a decision. (cafeteria noise) ♪ ♪ (flourish spray noise) ♪ ♪ (flourish spray noises) ♪ (school bell) ♪ ♪ (sigh) ♪ (flourish spray noise) ♪ share the joy of real cream... share the joy of real cream... (flourish spray noise) ...with reddi-wip. ♪
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more talk than action, that's how one senior democrat is describing vice president biden's current plans of jumping into the race for 2016. he's sitting out the first democratic debase. it will be right here on cnn october 13th, but several other democratic sources are telling us biten will announce his plans erts way by the end of this month. on the republican side, jeb bush is trying to regain some momentum he has lost, some poll numbers that have slipped, explaining his vision for a
7:16 am
campaign that lasts all the way to the white house. chief political correspondent dana bash sat down with him. here's what she asked. >> reporter: the irony of jeb bush being labeled low energy is that he's a tireless campaigner. >> each and every day i wake up and enjoy my art with excitement. yes, mr. trump, with high energy. >> reporter: barn storming the early states with a break-neck schedule but some tell cnn it makes his support with decliners voters more alarming. one of them told me we're not seeing any sales. >> who is that? >> reporter: he doesn't to want say. >> the fact is, we have a plan, executing on the plan. i'm going to win the nomination and win the general election as well. >> reporter: once the front-runner, bush has lost 50%
7:17 am
of his support nationally since july, even in granite state where bush was leading in june, he's now tied for fifth place according to a cnn/wmur poll last week. the result, bush aides are spending a lot of time trying to reassure anxious voters what jeb bush told us himself, be patient. bush rivals may be generating buzz but bush is building a nationwide infrastructure team to keep him alive for the gop contests well into the spring. >> patience. that's my first part of the strategy. the second part is more patience. >> the long haul does not lead to victory unless bush can win rendepublican delegates. he says he can shed the bush baggage. >> i think people want authenticity. they want someone who has leadership skills to turn ideas
7:18 am
into governor. i can do it as president of the united states. >> reporter: republican voters are looking for excitement and change. endurance is one thing. electricity is another. something jeb bush is lacking. >> i'm the tortoise in the race. slow, steady progress each and every day. >> reporter: often voters leave bush events impressed but not excited. bush aides insist that's okay. voters are now letting off steam by backing donald trump and other first-time politicians. when it comes time to pull the lever, they'll go for the adult in the room. >> ultimately, this is not about the loudest. it's not an entertainment. we're not auditions for a show. we're running for president of the united states. >> reporter: jeb bush used to call this process a marathon. now he says it's a triathlon and he has to push out his message, try to convince voters he is his own man and he has leadership skills. after a town hall where where i was with him last night, several
7:19 am
voters said they were impressed how solid he was, how well versed he was on the issues but nobody said he was exciting to them and that might be one of his biggest challenges. poppy? >> dana bash, fascinating report for senior, much more of the interview there. does the tortoise win the race or is it all about excitement? let's bring in larry savado. what do you make have his argument and what his camp is insisting? >> poppy, one part make ace lot of sense. bush has done what none of his opponents on the republican said has done, to build a nationwide infrastructure and prepare a national campaign that can slod through the 57 comcasts, 50 states, d.c., six territories, all the way through june. he's raised far more money than anyone else. he'll probably add another $20 million once his figure is announced from the third quarter. all that's good.
7:20 am
his problem is not just his last name. it's that a solid majority of republicans do not want an establishment politician and he's at the tippy top pinnacle of the establishment. his brother and father have held the white house for 12 years. . the idea somehow he's an outsider will never sell. >> take a look at the latest "usa today" poll. they have him in fifth place with just 8% support. rubio, who he calls his friend, leading him. what do you do? because those numbers are reflective of something. >> there's only one way jeb bush can win the election, that's war of attrition. he's not going to be crowned relatively early in the primary process. he'll have to go all the way through it and he'll have to win by yards, by inches.
7:21 am
it's not going to be a run down the field for a touchdown. >> donald trump came out yesterday and said bush, rubio, they're not actually friends. this is politically made up, et cetera, et cetera. jeb bush said absolutely not the case, they are friends. is it time, looking at the fact rubio is leading bush by a point within the margin of error, is it time for jeb bush to go more on the attack against rubio? >> don't worry, he will. we're a long way from iowa, which starts february 1st in the primary season. i think the appropriate way to put is, they were friends. now you a second floridaen in the presidential race. in politics, friendship can be very thin. >> also in politics, all's fair. larry, thank you as always. still to come, donald trump weighing in on russian air strikes in syria.
7:22 am
but on other topics and issues, he would prefer not to give specifics. >> i've said it a hundred times. don't like talking so specifically. i'm going to do this, that, like a fool. i'm going to do this, this, this. i want them to understand, i want to be unpredictable. when a wildfire raged through elkhorn ranch, the sudden loss of pasture became a serious problem for a family business. faced with horses that needed feeding and a texas drought that sent hay prices soaring, the owners had to act fast. thankfully, mary miller banks with chase for business. and with greater financial clarity and a relationship built for the unexpected, she could control her cash flow, and keep the ranch running. chase for business. so you can own it.
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breaking news. a major development to tell you about. a syrian ambassador to russia telling cnn that all rebel groups, including isis, are trying to, quote, spread terror and that russians are helping syrians destroy all rebel groups. this is very significant because some of those rebel groups are propped up by the united states, including the free syrian army. matthew chance, more on this. this is a very significant
7:27 am
development. the syrian ambassador to u.s. just telling you this. >> that's right. i sat down with him shortly after he gave a news conference here in moscow a couple hours ago. i sat down with him an hour ago and this is one of the things we spoke about. there's been some confusion, of course, and some contributions between u.s. and moscow about what targets specifically are being hit in these air strikes being carried out by russia. the russian defense ministry has been insisting this is about islamic state, they've been focused on islamic state targets but reports from the ground, the video we've been seeing, intelligence reports, tending to contradict that. some video from province of homs, not in isis hands, where the first air strike took place by russian military. to get some clarification, i spoke with the syrian ambassador to russia within the past hour and he confirmed that syria
7:28 am
requested and russia agreed to help the syrian army in destroying not just isis but other rebel groups as well, opponents of bashar al assad. it really adds to that idea the russian intervention in syria is not simply about destroying isis. that may be one of their tart gets but it's also about supporting the government of bashar al assad and russian warplanes clearly prepared to strike at rebel groups who pose the biggest threat to president assad. if that's isis, so be it, but also a plethora of rebel groups within syria now falling within the firing line. >> matthew, he told you also, i understand, the two days of strikes by russian forces have been more effective than the coalition strikes all the way through. is that right? >> yeah, that's right. obviously the syrian ambassador to russia was pleased by the
7:29 am
fact that action had been taken so quickly. he did make that point, that in the past two days of air strikes where the russians have carried out somewhere in the region of 0 to 30 air strikes in various locations across syria, from the syrian government perspective, that has been more effective than the hundreds if not thousands of air strikes carried out by the united states and coalition of 60 countries in their attacks against isis. remember, this comes from a particular perspective. the syrian government is anxious to survive. it wants to make sure the rebel groups nipping at its heels are pushed back as much as possible. it seems the russians are clear at doing that. the russian military are sharing intelligence with the syrian military, sort of becoming the air wing of the syrian armed forces.
7:30 am
i'm paraphrasing what he said there. but that was the implication, they are working in close coordination now. >> very important development. thank you, sir, from moscow. our barbara starr now just reporting, just into us, that u.s. and russian military will hold a secure video teleconference at 11:00 a.m. eastern, so in about 30 minutes' time. as soon as we know what takes place on that call, we'll let you know. the man who knows all about syria, richard murphy, former u.s. ambassador to syria. first off, your reaction to what matthew has reported. >> what matthew has said is that the syrian ambassador is faithfully describing the position of the syrian government, his government, so you can not that. that this is -- the policy is to strengthen the regime because the regime is the only effective
7:31 am
force against isil. now, this is a great oversimplification of the situation in syria. we have tried, not very successfully, but we have tried as a government to pull together the various opposition elements, the modern elements as best as we can identify them to get together politically and military. for assad, they have always been seen as enemies, as terrorists. it's a smear term he has used for the last three years. it's not true. some are more violent than others. some could be called terrorists. they are critical of the regime and that's intolerable to the regime. >> now that this changes the discussion between lavrov and kerry, and when you look at russian air strikes and coalition air strikes and any
7:32 am
coordination of isis in syria, does this throw that out the window? >> it doesn't throw it out the window but it emphasis the danger of not getting together quickly to discuss who's doing what? >> can the u.s. work with russia if russia is targeting the free syrian army and other rebel groups if the u.s. is supporting? >> one element that can be worked out is avoiding the american air force in direct conflict with the russian air force. now, that doesn't solve your -- doesn't answer your other question. can we work together politically to get to negotiations that will end this ghastly humanitarian crisis in syria. a crisis that has slopped over into europe with the refugees and that's not a given yet. you can't say that. >> i know you're a career diplomat. you have so much experience there. you've got tens of thousands of
7:33 am
people killed within syria. do you believe at this point, ambassador, that there is a diplomatic solution? >> well, i'm raised to believe it's often better to talk than to shoot. everybody is shooting these days. they have got to get to the table. just when that can be worked out is not clear. it's not clear to moscow. it's not clear to washington. but thousands of people have died. hundreds of thousands have died. millions are refugees. and the world has to be focusing its efforts to bring them together. that's certainly the policy. we've been discussing it with the russians. i hope we'll be more successful. their intervention will be prove to be the disaster for the scene it appears to be at the moment. >> ambassador richard murphy, thank you for your time. i appreciate the perspective. turning now to our other big story this morning, we're now less than 30 minutes away from
7:34 am
another national weather service update. hurricane joaquin packing a major punch. wind speeds as fast as 120 miles per hour. right now this is a cat 3 storm near the bahamas. whether the u.s. takes a district hit is i question. part of the east coast could see up to 6 inches of rain. chad myers with the latest. >> i want to take you to and move you forward all the way through saturday just to give you an idea, joaquin will be somewhere down here. even if joaquin makes a run at the u.s., we're looking at over 10 inches across parts of south carolina, 4 to 6 inches over north carolina, maybe 4 to 6 inches around d.c., into annapolis. that's prestorm rain because of the way the jet stream is set up. not because of the way the tropics are set up. here's what it looks like between now and we'll move you ahead. there's the storm down there.
7:35 am
but the rain pours on shore. it will be in piedmont, in charlottesville, back into column bee, yeah in asheville. all of these areas that are fairly topographic. here's joaquin. i believe there's rapid intensification of joaquin right now. this is probably a category 4 hurricane as we get the 11:00 report. there's a hurricane hunter aircraft flying around, flying through the eye. wouldn't want to be on that plane flying through 130-mile-an-hour winds. it will take another 24 hours, so the bahamas getting pounded with 140-mile-an-hour winds and then turns to the north. does it turn to the northeast or just to the north? that is the big question.
7:36 am
the next 48 hours will make a big decision on whether it turns out to sea, here, or follow this line to the u.s. there's a large cone of uncertainty with this. the cone of uncertainty, by tuesday night, this is monday after midnight, could be anywhere from west virginia to almost bermuda. that's the distance we're talking about because it is still five days away from any landfall. i want you to be prepared. i just don't want anybody to really start freaking out, like my mom would do if she were up there. she's in atlanta. take a deep breath. watch this storm because the models will change. >> we'll watch closely. we know you will, chad. thank you as always. still to come, i sat down -- irnd say, i took the subway with new york city mario bill de blasio. we ent to the poorest congressional district in the country, and we talked to donald trump and his unique take on
7:37 am
trump's run for president. >> it's quite obvious that if you want to get a good idea across america, you need to put on a hat. i want you to hear -- you can examine this and -- >> you made hats. >> we made hats. >> are you focusing too much on donald trump? >> i think this hat says it all. i think it just -- you know, we realize we could get it down to four words and put it on a hat. >> you think it's all in the hat? >> i think the hat may be the match piece. now we're promoting a progressive agenda with the hat, let's see where it goes.
7:38 am
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income inequality, a major issue for the run for the white
7:42 am
house. bill de blasio has a so-called progressive agenda. it includes a lot of thins, including raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour and increasing taxes on the wealthy. we took the subway with him, and robert reich, and we went to the south bronx to see the disparity. it only took us 25 minutes to get from here, one of the wealthiest parse of new york, to the poorest congressional district in the country. >> what kind of work are you doing? how are you? >> reporter: you wanted to bring me here. why? >> because this is an example of the neighborhood, melrose and the bronx, that are really suffering. there are things that can be done to deal with income inequality. >> reporter: mayor de blasio wanted to take us on one of two trains to show us the affordable
7:43 am
housing his administration has been promoting. >> we went from a neighborhood where the median household income was $790,000 to blow here is $21,000. that's the median. >> reporter: 20 that 25 minutes. >> that's all it took to go from one -- i call it the tale of two cities. we want to create more fairness, opportunity across the board. we're using the tools of city government to do it. >> reporter: those who say, mr. mayor, that sounds too socialist. capitalism, not perfect, america not perfect but the best example in the world. what do you say to them? >> there's no contradiction between a free enterprise system and a very energetic role of government. and making some adjustments we need to people with participate in the society. >> where is that right balance? you don't want a society where everyone has the same. >> i don't think it's conceivable to have such a
7:44 am
society with human beings involved. i want a society where there's opportunity for all. i want a society where no one is left out economically or otherwise. >> homelessness in this city has risen under your administration from $50,050,000 to 57,000 peop right now. why? >> because of the same tale of two cities i talked about. the weight of the economic crisis of the last few years has been felt more and more. what we found in the city is while people were becoming economically less stable, losing their jobs or in jobs that didn't pay more than the monday mum wage, the economics stopped working for more new yorkers. >> i couldn't agree more. >> one of the most important trends in america right now is income segregation. it's not just racial segregation. it's income segregation. as we are segregating by income, we're creating different societies that have almost nothing to do with one another. >> i read half of new yorkers are at or near the poverty line.
7:45 am
>> 46%. >> you were hillary clinton's campaign manager for the 2000 senate race. you say you have tremendous respect for her but you vant come out and endorsed her. why not? >> i think when she announced her candidacy, i thought she was arguably the most capable and experienced person to run for the office. i said, we're facing a profound economic crisis and a kind of inequality we haven't seen before. we need a set of solutions. with each passing week she's put more meat on the bone. >> reporter: she's getting you closer? >> i think she's getting more democrats closer because she's speaking to the issue at hand. there are still outstanding issues i, for one, need to see and people need to see more on. this is why we have these debates. >> reporter: donald trump came forward with his tax proposal. what do you make of the plan? >> the one part i like, i give him credit for, is calling for the closing of the carried interest loophole. i think his voice actually meters this.
7:46 am
the rest of the plan is very suspect. it looks to me like a plan that continues to reward wealth instead of work. it certainly looks like a plan where wealthy americans do better, actually pay less taxes. >> speaking of donald trump, i want to show you this hat he brought to the interview. you'll see him put it on. he told me, it's quite obvious, if you want to get a good idea across america, you need put it on a hat. i said, are you envious of trump's poll numbers? he said, let's see how it goes. he noted 400 families contributed half of the money to the 2016 election so far. . he said he wants to see a constitutional amendment to overturn citizens united. i asked him if that is too idealistic. he argues public opinion polling shows there's a consensus across party lines. he thinks that's possible. i want to know what you think of his agenda, what he had to say.
7:47 am
tweet me poppy harlow cnn. still to come here, the secret service apologizing to a congressman. did the agency deliberately try to embarrass one of the most powerful members of the house? it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost®.
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7:51 am
the secret service saying it's sorry to one of its biggest critics after some shocking allegations that some members wanted to embarrass jason chaffetz from his failed
7:52 am
application to join the secret service. they knew private details were being circulated among secret service employees. this just days after the president lauded the secret service for the great work they did around the pope's visit. >> reporter: that's right. i'm told by a secret service official that the disciplinary process is under way, should start moving quickly in responsibilities to this incident that the paperwork is coming in and they're getting that process started. as you said, an extraordinary apology from the director of secret service to joe clancy to jason chaffetz trying to put out damaging statements. let's put that apology on screen. it says the secret service takes employee conduct seriously. any employee, regardless of rank or seniority who has committed misconduct will be held accountable. this incident will be no
7:53 am
different. i assure the appropriate disciplinary actions are taken on behalf of the men and women of the united states secret service. i again apologize to representative chaffetz for this wholly avoidable and embarrassing misconduct. to give you a sense of what the director is looking into, we'll put an e-mail up on screen because this dates back to something that was happening in march and april. there was a statement that came out about chairman chaffetz, applied for the secret service in 2003 and was declined. this was an e-mail that was dredged up, some information, the e-mail says, he might find embarrassing, needs to get out just to be fair from edward lowery, assistant director, so a very top official. as you said at the top, one of a slew embarrassing episodes. last fall the fence-jumping
7:54 am
began a cavelcade of embarrassing incidents. president obama saying they did a great job protecting pope francis, president xi, so for this to come on the heels of that is not going to go over well at the white house and for director clancy, who is signaling action to come. >> jim acosta at the white house, thank you very much. still to come, a flurry of fresh developments following a new round of air strikes in syria. we'll tell you what happened. u.s. and russian officials expected to speak in minutes. stay with us. continuing coverage. when broker chris hill stays at laquinta he fires up the free wifi, with a network that's now up to 5 times faster than before! so he can rapidly prepare his presentation. and when he perfects his pitch, do you know what chris can do? and that is my recommendation. let's see if he's ready.
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amtrak is expected to start charging for excess baggage, paying $20 for each extra bag and carry-on bag weighing more than 50 pounds will also be hit with a fee. am forecast officials say the fees were put in place to help preserve space on crowded trains and to help reduce safety concerns. as of today, merchants accepting credit and debt credit cards must use machines that accept cards with a computer chip. embedded chips are more secure than magnetic strips. banks are still in the process of changing out their cards. if you don't have a new one yet, will you get one with a chip when your current card expires. gas pumps and atms will start using that new technology in 2017. today oregon joins colorado and washington state as the only states where you can buy and sell recollect rera recollect rn
8:00 am
marijuana. frugal uses, take note, pot sales will not be taxed until january. that will do it for me today. i'm poppy harlow. care costello is back tomorrow. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" begins right now. hello, i'm kate bolduan. >> i'm john berman. we have a new update on hurricane joaquin. as of this morning it is a major hurricane. a category 3 and getting stronger. it is now menacing the bahamas. if it turns a certain way, it could have the most densely populated part of this country, new york, philadelphia, boston, washington, not to mention areas still recovering from hurricane sandy, all right in its path. >> obviously for the some 80 million people who could be in the path of this powerful storm,


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